Fundraising Tips

We asked experienced fundraising coordinators for their best fundraising tips and tricks to help you sell more chocolate bars and reach your fundraising goals faster.

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Fundraising tip #1: Order your chocolates online

You can order fundraising chocolates online in just minutes and you see the suggested selling price and potential profit at-a-glance.


Fundraising tip #2: Pre-assign the chocolates

Generate excitement and interest by assigning a case (or several) of fundraising chocolates to each student or member for them to sell.

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Fundraising tip #3: Target Saturday morning shoppers

Call your local community mall for permission to set up a fundraising table by the main entrance and see your fundraising profit soar.

Team Jersey

Fundraising tip #4: Wear your team jersey or school logo

Show your customers/supporters that the profits you make are going directly back to your team/school by wearing your team jerseys or school logos.

Team Jersey

Fundraising tip #5: Create a friendly competition

Who can sell the most fundraising chocolates? Reward your top sellers (or the whole team) with prizes from our Chocolate Fundraising Rewards Program.


Fundraising tip #6: Take advantage of our 30-day reorder policy

Reorder 1 or more cases of fundraising chocolates without having to meet the order minimum ($475 before tax and shipping) within 30 days of your delivery date.


Fundraising tip #7: Celebrate your fundraising achievements

Recognize your top sellers at your next school assembly or team huddle with our Hedgehog Certificate of Excellence.