How chocolate fundraising works


Ordering fundraising chocolates is easy

Browse our fundraising chocolates and order the ones that best suit your fundraising goals. Our minimum order is just 2 cases with FREE shipping to most provinces.


Take advantage of our 30-day reorder policy

You can order 1 or more cases within 30 days of your delivery date without needing to meet the order minimum. Which means you can sell even more fundraising chocolates and earn more profit.


Highly profitable fundraising products—Earn 50% fundraising profit

Sell fundraising chocolate bars and specialty chocolates at our recommended selling price to earn fundraising profit. Use the funds to purchase art supplies, go on a field trip or purchase whatever else your students need.

Ready to fundraise?

It takes just a few minutes to create your account. You can then mix and match fundraising chocolate bars and specialty chocolates to create your own fundraising order and start earning up to 50% profit.


The product is so great that it sells itself, giving timid kids a better chance to succeed. I have had some kids sell $1,400 worth of chocolate in one year alone, paying for their entire music trip, where they wouldn't have been able to otherwise. I am grateful for the opportunities this affords my students.

Fundraising tips for schools and classrooms

Wear your school logo

Show your customers/supporters that the profits you make are going directly back to your school or classroom by wearing your uniforms or clothing with your school’s logo.

Celebrate your fundraising achievements

Recognize your top sellers at your next school assembly or team huddle with our Hedgehog Certificate of Excellence.

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